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Geopolymer Bricks Using Fly Ash and Dyeing Sludge

S. R. Sanjaiyan, S. Vishnu, Dr. M.I. Abdul Aleem


Geopolymer brick is an innovative construction material produced using Fly Ash and dyeing waste. Fly Ash, a by-product of coal obtained from the thermal power plants rich in silica and alumina, plays the role of clay in the brick by the reaction with alkali (Sodium Hydroxide NaOH) and Sodium Silicate (Na2SiO3) producing alumino silicate gel, that acted as a binding material. Dyeing sludge is a waste material obtained as the final residue after treating the effluent from the dyeing industry.  An attempt is made to manufacture Geopolymer bricks using Fly Ash and dyeing waste sludge. Bricks of size 230 x 115x 75 mm were prepared and cured under hot air oven curing for 24 hours. The compressive strength and water absorption test were taken out. Their results were compared with ordinary clay brick.

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