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Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Fine And Coarse Aggregate By Brick Powder And Lathe Scraps

B. Iyshwarya, P. Maha Lakshmi, B. Pavithra


Concrete is the prominent material being used in infrastructure development all over the world. The increased extraction of coarse and fine aggregate from the neutral resources is required to meet this high demand, thus creates ecological imbalance. In order to reduce sustainable development, we are in need of alternative materials. This experimental study made in the utilization of brick powder as a fine aggregate in the concrete with a partial replacement percentage as 30%, 40% and 50%, further 15% of natural coarse aggregate CA curve replaced by lathe scrap. India is the second largest producer of fire clay brick beside china. Tons of dissipate products like brick powder or broken pieces off lakes of bricks come out from kilns and factories. On the other hand, the lathe scrap produced in local lathes and workshops are in abundance. Our work is carried out with M30 grade of concrete designed as per IS 10262:2010. Test curve determined at 7, 14 and 28 days. Test results indicate that the use of brick powder and lathe scrap does not affect the mechanical properties of concrete for the replacement ratio up to 30%.


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