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Analysis of Suitable Locations of Urban Green Space based on AHP for Surat city

Abhishek Rajeshbhai Desai, Sejal S. Bhagat


Urban green spaces such as parks, gardens, green roofs, streams and playgrounds are to give the basic ecological community management of urban green space. For environmental adjustment and human strength have a very important significance, the city green space to achieve multi-level capabilities, to the local people a huge advantage. So far, through the use of geographic data framework (GIS) and multi-standard methods, the Diagnostic Progressive System Approach (AHP) has been shown to be divorced from the most important land rationality inspection methods. The convergence of geographic information system conditions and the analytic hierarchy process is a powerful tool for urban development to adapt to future arrangements. This paper aims to review the GIS-based AHP as a multi-standard assessment / evaluation system for Outer Ring Road, Surat city. At this point, the links between the different variables are capable. The best place for urban green space is an important issue in urban planning. Use the decision support system software called expert selection 11.5 to calculate weights based on different alternatives.


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