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Corruption in Engineering Projects, Causes, Effects and Possible Solutions

Folorunso O. P, Aribisala J. O


Corruption is the major impediment to economic and social development. It is a threat to the sustained growth of the country and a barrier to the development of dynamic entrepreneurship. It breeds the cycle of underdevelopment. Causes of corruption in Nigeria were identified to be mainly societal values that encourage flamboyant living, poverty as represented by low income level, extended family responsibilities, social and societal pressure and lack of adequate punishment for offenders. Corruption has become a disease that has affected the image of country internationally thereby limiting flow of investments. It is the major cause of poverty, inadequate and malfunctioning infrastructures, economic and technology undevelopment. The paper considers among other solutions the political will power to implement existing frameworks and policies that dissuade corruption as key to minimizing corruption. Those in position of authority should live moderately to show good examples.

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