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The Urban Environment, Issues and Strategies for up Gradation of Urban

Satyanarayan Choudhary, Sonam Mitra, Ar.Nitesh Dogne



This paper deals with the issues from rapid, unplanned and unsustainable behaviour of urban development which is making developing cities/towns focal points for many emerging environment and health hazards and gives the solutions. As urban populations growth increase, the quality of the urban environment, will play an increasingly crucial role in public health with respect to issues ranging from provision of potable water and sanitation, injury prevention and solid waste disposal to the interface between urban poverty, environmental health and wellbeing. Unsustainable behaviour of transport and urban land and its uses is a driver, or root cause, of a number of significant level, and interrelated environment and health hazards faced by urban dwellers in developing countries. These health and environmental links cut across a range of policy sectors and thus are oftentimes overlooked in making policies. They are a focus of this Priority Risks section on the environment of urban areas.

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