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Towards Sustainability Energy Efficiency Fenestration Techniques in India, An Overview

Aditi Goenka, Nitesh Dogne, Vipendra Singh Thakur



India is experiencing an unsustainable environment due to mismanagement and overuse of resources to fulfil the needs of the rising population. There is a need for understanding the management of environment.and this change will not be possible if we wait for others to do it. The engine of consumption and demands has been increasing at alarming rates. Energy consumption is one of the major problems contributing to this issue. The rate of energy consumption is increasing each day and the problem cannot be taken for granted as the saying goes:

“If everyone only cleaned their own doorstep, the whole world would be clean” [1].

Thus,  if each building be built  or designed so as to minimise the use electricity by adopting various techniques focusing on maximising the daylight and ventilation will automatically help in overcoming the problems by making the design passive and economic. The aim of this research is to derive a design approach to take India towards sustainability, focusing on energy efficiency techniques. Parameters that must be considered for making efficient designs shall be discussed in the paper.

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