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Potential of Municipal Waste as Sustainable Rural Road Construction Materials in India

Ashish Choudhary, Pragati Pandey, R. K. Pandit


One of the key component of rural development is rural road connectivity that promotes access to major social and economic hubs resulting an increment in agricultural income and productive employment. During construction of rural roads the major considerations should be its performance and sustainability. The conventional methods and techniques tend to promote technology and material, however, these methods and techniques are challenging and distant which usually results in higher cost of construction. It is the duty of construction experts and engineers to spend every single unit of taxpayers’ capital smartly with optional utility singularly under constraints of resources. This whole as one calls for innovation in rural road construction to achieve cost-effectiveness. Many methods and techniques were implemented worldwide but could not become successfull in India due to many constraints and lack of exposure.Waste management is also a major issue linked with rural development. In this paper, an attempt is made to bring innovations to solve problems associated with both the issues, rural road construction and rural waste management. Positive and negative impacts of both are discussed so as to provoke field experts to adopt such technologies for better results.

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