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NOOR SAFANA, Karthigaipriya T


Organizations and institutions often fail to recognize the importance of facility management (FM) to their business performance and success. Business success is characterized not only by annual revenue and profit margins, but also by the way various aspects of the building portfolio and environment are maintained: monitoring daily maintenance, operations, and energy consumption; conducting condition assessments and benchmarking studies; adapting and aligning with policies; and assisting with the implementation of the organization’s strategic and tactical planning. Facility management is a calling that incorporates different orders to guarantee usefulness of the manufactured condition by intergrating individuals, spot, innovation and procedure. A proper facility management promotes increase in cost efficiency of the business, manage health and safety requirement, increase the life span of assets and monitor and maintain compliancy. In this study, a facility management for Thiagarajar college of engineering is to be carried out. The poor facilities which need to be mange are identified through questionnaire response of the institution’s internal stakeholder and Facility assessment report will be prepared.


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