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Mass Housing techniques using in India

D. G. Pardeshi, Ketan S. Mahajan


In this topic of mass housing the Shortage of housing accommodation is assuming on alarming proportion particularly in the Indian metropolitan cities as a result of unique rise in population and unending influx of migrants. Mass housing construction carried out on a war footing could help in mitigating the problem to a great extent. In pragmatic approach, encompassing considerations related to locations of new construction, provision of transit camps, financial and operational incentives and finally adoption of innovative construction technologies, is highly essential and the same could lead to expeditious, cost - effective and quality construction. In the housing scenario in India with particular reference to Mumbai, along with the measures taken in the past to tackle the same. The various technologies that were adopted for mall housing construction in Mumbai and which resulted in speedy completion of some 49,000 tenements in a short period are decried. The authors argue that a storing political will, provision of financial and operational incentives and adoption of innovative technologies of construction could go a long way in mitigating the housing problem.


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