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Smart Ambulance With Automated Traffic Control

Ritesh Sanodiya, V. S. Shashank, Pramod Gautam, Sonam Sahu


The present work proposes an ingenious traffic control system for emergency such as to control the traffic in case of ambulance. The proposed idea is to use an optimized and smart traffic control system in the heavy traffic area. In case of traffic, the lane of the ambulance can be made free and its corresponding lane can be made stuck with the help of the advanced traffic control system as discussed in the present work. Here, the basic circuit model, working principle and hardware circuit components are described to give a better understanding of Smart Ambulance traffic control system.


Keywords: Smart Ambulance, Traffic Control System, LEDs, astable multivibrator, traffic density.

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Ashutosh Bhatt, Traffic Control System, Engineers Garage (online solution)

Dr. J. N. Patel Bhavin and Tandel Jiten, Polytechnic, Amreli under my guidance

Introduction to Relays, Anjali Sethiya, Engineer Garage.


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