W. Bethsheeba, K. Malaisamy


Use of wearable fabric materials as antenna substrate has been rapid because of the ongoing scaling down of remote devices. A wearable antenna is to be a piece of the attire used for wireless communication purposes, which include public safety, mobile and wearable computing, tracking and positioning of essential goods/products; providing remote medical patient monitoring; enabling for sports training and entertainment purposes. For user accommodation there is an expanding requirement for incorporating antenna on or in the cloth. The conventional antennas are not adaptable and troublesome for user to movements. There is a need of antennas made of wearable fabric materials that can be a piece of user clothing are characterized as wearable antennas. Specifically the micro strip patch antennas are recommended for body-worn applications, as they primarily transmit oppositely to the planar structure and furthermore their ground plane effectively shields the body tissues. This paper indicates investigate on wearable patch antennas outlined and developed for various applications.

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