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The paper proposes an intelligent irrigation system with water and energy monitoring with the aim of reducing water and energy consumption in long term. It also eliminates the continuous human intervention in the field. Agriculture plays an important role for the economic development of a country. Utilising the water resources effectively and efficiently for agriculture will in long term preserve the ground water resources. And energy management also is an important feature that is taken into consideration while designing this system.  In the conventional irrigation system, the farmer has to continuously monitor the soil and weather conditions for growth of crops. The proposed system measures the various parameters such as soil-moisture, soil temperature, Ph value, rainfall, humidity, etc, and the decision is made on the collective values of the parameters. Sensors for each of the above parameters produce the continuous inputs for the system which are compared with the reference values to provide the control outputs of the system. The water quantity and the power consumption are continuously measured for determining the total consumption per month and alerting the user.  The field and weather conditions are continuously recorded for the future use of the farmer.

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