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Nonlinear Static Analysis of Complex Shaped RC Framed Structures with Specially Shaped Columns

Shubham Chavhan, Raana Pathak, Deependra Dadoria


Specially Shaped columns are prominently using in designing complex structures, where strength, stiffness and stability become important. Complexity in shapes of structures is more critical in designing which become more challenging when subjected to seismic loads. Without any lateral loads of resisting elements, the complex structures become unsafe when subjected to seismic loads. But, by using the specially shaped columns without such lateral load resisting elements, the performance can be improved. To ensure life safety and structure’s strength, stiffness and stability, it is important to use lateral loads of resisting elements in structures that are subjected to lateral loads. In this paper, the study is carried out to understand the behaviour of complex-shaped RC structures with square columns and with specially shaped columns. The L-shaped, T shaped and Plus (+) shaped geometry (in the plan) are used as complex shapes of RC framed structures and also as a cross-section of specially shaped columns. The nonlinear static (pushover) analysis is used to analyse G+5 storey structures considered in Zone V. The comparison is carried out between complex-shaped RC framed structures with square columns and with specially shaped columns to understand the performance of structures. ETABS software is used for modelling and analysis of structures.

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