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Comparative Study is done on Multi-Storey Building with Floating Column in Different Zones

Rajesh Kumar, Laukesh Soni, Vinay Kumar Singh Chandrakar


Present day multi-story structures are developed with abnormalities, for example, delicate story, vertical or plan anomaly, drifting segment and weighty burdens. These kind of structures have become a typical development practice in metropolitan India. It is seen that a large portion of the RC structures with such inconsistencies built are exceptionally unwanted in seismically dynamic territories from the aftereffects of past quake considers. These impacts happened because of different reasons, for example, non-uniform dispersion of mass, firmness and quality. This examination clarifies the seismic investigation of a multi-story working with gliding section developed in seismically dynamic territories watching its responses to the outside sidelong powers applied on the structure in different seismic zones utilizing the product ETABS. Along these lines featuring the elective measures including in ad libbing the non-uniform conveyance in the sporadic structure, for example, multi-celebrated structure with skimming section, and suggested the more secure plan of such structure in seismically dynamic zones considering the outcomes saw from story floats, story relocations, when contrasted with Response Spectrum technique shows best outcomes.

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