A Review Paper on –Efficiency Improvement Methods of a Solar Still

Akash A. Lokhande, Gauri Yadure, Gauri Yadure, Shweta Shirgave, Shweta Shirgave, Shubhangi Khandekar, Shubhangi Khandekar, Monika Jadhav, Monika Jadhav


The present paper reports on an experiment to investigation of solar distillation with phase change material and finned surface. Solar distillation is a relatively simple treatment of brackish or impure water. In this solar energy is used to evaporate water then this vapour is condensed as pure water. This process removes salts and other impurities. Latest trend to improve the efficiency of the solar still is use of phase change material and finned surface. In this work the Al sheet mixed black paint is used to enhance the productivity of solar still. The solar radiations are transmitted through the glass cover and captured by a black painted inner bottom surface of the solar still. Water absorbs the heat and is converted into vapour within the chamber of the solar still. Double slop solar still is used from past decades but in this study effect of finned surface on productivity of solar still is analyzed. The results clearly show that the instantaneous efficiency increases with the increase of solar radiation and with the increase of feed water temperature. The use of the phase change material and finned surface with black paint increases the temperature of the solar still basin.

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