Experimental investigation of a solar energy still equipped with thermal storage system using phase change materials

S. Mohanasundaram, R. Mohan


The latent heat of condensing vapour in solar stills by means of phase change materials (PCMs) as a thermal storage is experimentally investigated.Throughout the daytime, the generated water vapor by the sun strength is performed to an external condenser filled with PCM to be condensed. The wasted latent warmth is absorbed with the aid of PCM and thereby saved. It’s far well worth noting that there may be no direct touch among the saline water and the PCM, therefore, the sun power isn't always directly saved inside the PCM. Within the night, the strength saved in the PCM is transferred as heat to the saline water through warmness pipes and permits the desalination system to retain. Numerous checks have been run to research the overall performance of the system. The results revealed that the presence of an external condenser packed with PCM and geared up with warmness pipes in a sun nonetheless with evacuated tube creditors, makes the desalination procedure keep after the sundown without causing a lower within the yield in the course of the sunlight hours. The yield will increase by way of 73% as compared to the yield of the system without PCM and reaches to five.862 kg/m2 day with the efficiency of 56%

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