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Evaluation of Quality of Water for the Purpose of Construction

N. Anuja


Nowadays drinking water is present in a very lesser amount all over the world. Its price is very high and water consumption would be more for construction purpose. Hence it is good way to use bore water for construction purpose. Because its presence is comparatively higher than drinking water. In this work, different water samples are collected from various industries such as Dye, Pepsi and Coco-cola industry. If industrial waste water is exposed to the ground it may infiltrate into the ground and contaminate the water. So it is important to  check the quality of water by conducting different experimental tests such as pH, Total solids, Total fixed solids, Total volatile solids, Total dissolved solids, Suspended solids and Chloride before using the collected water samples in concrete. From all of the above tests, it is found that the water sample collected from the Dye industry is found to be better for using in the construction work. Other two industries are not within the permissible limit.

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