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3D Printing Technology: A Concise Review

Mehul Rohit, Himanshu Solanki, Munaf Jiwani, Harsh Pathak, Jeet Pathak


With a constant change in technology and manufacturing processes, the pharma industry needs to continuously upgrade the method or process of manufacturing of a certain dosage form, since past few decades the industry have upgraded various methods and invented new technologies which can make manufacturing of a said dosage form faster but also with minimum or nil error. Hence when a need for upgrade in process is required a novel method “3D Printing” can be considered as an option to manufacture the said dosage form in pharmaceutical industry. Aprecia Pharmaceutical has a, formulation as fast disintegrating tablet, which is 3D printed, and the only 3D printed product as till now approved by USDFA and is marketed in American and European countries only. Recently researchers at Tel Aviv University 3D Printed heart with cells, blood vessels, ventricles and chambers, the heart is about the size of a rabbit’s heart.

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