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A Study to Evaluate The Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge And Attitude Regarding Complications of Heart Attack Among Cardiac Patients in Selected Hospital, Bengaluru

Ms. Jelish Sharma Phurailatpam, Prof. Nisha Clement, I. Clement


Patients with diminished cardiovascular capacity and elderly are not able to adjust with the physiologic changes due to sudden burden to the heart which finally fails to require cardiac output. This results in increased morbidity and mortality. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimated that 17.3 million people died from Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVDs) all over the world. About 50% of deaths occur within one hour of the heart attack outside a hospital. Heart disease is on the rise and seen both among rich and poor. There has been a steady increase in incidence of heart diseases; both in India as well as in Karnataka which is currently 12%-13%. Nearly 25% of people who suffer heart attacks are below 40 years and middle-aged women. The researcher felt that there is a lack of knowledge regarding the complications of. Heart attack among cardiac patients and felt the needs to give awareness among cardiac patients. If the patients gain adequate knowledge about complications of heart attack which is the risk factors for cardiac disease and an exaggerating factor, they can prevent themselves from being a victim of heart attack and know how to manage and prevent when it is occurs. Therefore, the investigator felt a strong desire to assess the knowledge and attitude to provide information regarding complications on heart attack in cardiac patients.

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