Optimization of gating design through casting simulation forLT302038component

H. SrividyaKulkarni, Mohnish. P, Mr. Ghaleppa


In today’s worldwide competitive atmosphere there is a need for the casting set ups and foundries to expand the components in quick lead time. Defect free castings with smallest amount production price and lead time have become the need of this indispensable industry. Rejection of casting is caused because of faulty components with defects consisting of porosity, shrinkage, cold shuts, air trap, and mould erosion e.t.c. Previous research studies have proven that these defects depend mainly on gating and feeder design. Simulation is now well accepted as a scientific approach to designing the gating, internal quality, optimal yield of casting process. The simulated results can be used to predict the quantity of these defects, optimize the design and take corrective steps to minimize these defects thereby increasing the quality of casting. In the present work, effort is made to optimize the gating design and feeder parameters to obtain quality castings.

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Automatic optimal feeder design in steel casting process RohallahTavakoli *, ParvizDavami

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, P.O. Box 11365-9466, Tehran, Iran

Received 12 May 2007; received in revised form 4 July 2007; accepted 12 September 2007

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