A Study of Probable Submerged Area in the Catchment with the Change in Elevation of Sundarijal Hydropower Dam in Nepal

Raghu N. Prajapati, Anish Shrestha, Aayukta Raman Aryal, Arun Khanal, Abdul Hai Miya, Ayush Singh, Brabin Sapkota


Sundarijal Watershed in Shivapuri National Park, Nepal has been providing services to Kathmandu Valley population in terms of Hydropower Generation and Drinking Water Supply. In this study, the probable submerged area in the catchment with the change in elevation of Sundarijal Hydropower Dam is calculated with the help of GIS-based tools and land use maps. In addition, assessment of the impacts on the vicinity due to the impounding reservoir is prepared. We hope that this study will be useful in designing of dam of an optimum elevation with minimum effects on the environment and maximum efficiency for sustainable period.

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