Behavioral Study of Flexible Concrete Sheet

Rangesh M. Jajodia, Dr. S. G. Makarande, Prof. M. R. Nikhar


Concrete is most extensively used material in today’s rapidly growing world. In various structures, the concrete section has used to carry different types of loads. Many times concrete poses difficulty in its usage and application and hence a new material called flexible concrete sheet has developed. The paper covers the major aspect of the behavioral study of flexible concrete sheet. Flexible concrete sheet is the composite member having three layers in which bottom layer is impermeable layer, intermediate layer is a 3-D fiber matrix and top layer is permeable cotton layer. The middle layer has filled with a settable material, whichcan be cured. The settable material used here is cement mortar. This paper also emphases on the benefits of the flexible concrete sheet in various different applications. The paper also includes the financial study and cost comparison of flexible concrete sheet with the conventional concrete material.

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