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A Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Play Needs Among Mother’s of Under five Children Regarding Importance of Play Needs

Tharani. T, Bhavani S, Brintha B, Gowri R, Kowsalya M, Narmadha V, Pavithra S, Sandhiya L


The present study was undertaken to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding play needs among mother of under five children. The study was conducted pediatric ward and pediatric OPD at PIMS Puducherry. Totally 100 samples were selected for this study. In this study shows that 26(26%) of inadequate knowledge, 51 (51%) had moderately adequate knowledge and 23 (23%) had adequate knowledge regarding importance of play needs of under five children. In attitude 1(1%) had undesirable attitude, 54(54%) had neutral attitude and 45(45%) had desirable attitude regarding importance of play needs under five children. In practice most of the mothers 96(96%) allows the children play daily, 44(44%) allowed the child to play both inside and outside the house,56(56%) allowed the child to play after eating 43(43%) allowed the child to play 1 hour per day, 51(51%) allowed the child to play with gadgets, 68(68%) allowed the child to use electronic devices for 1 hour per day, 88(88%) played with the child, 84(84%) allowed the child to play in the same age group.

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