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A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of School Teachers Regarding Learning Disabilities among Children in Selected Schools at Bagalkot

Rudrappa Hunasikatti


Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. They are in a continuous process of growth and development. Any alteration in its course leads on to developmental disorders. Of the developmental disorders learning disability plays a significant role as a silent handicap among children. It is estimated that 4-5% of students in school have learning disability. Learning Disability is” A disorder that affect people’s ability to either interpret what they see and hear or to link information from different parts of the brain. Such difficulties extent to school work and can impede learning to read, write or do math”. As there are no specific test to identify children with learning disability, health professionals have to rely mainly on teacher’s report for its diagnosis. Previous studies have proved that teacher’s attitude towards such children have great influence towards their recovery.

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