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Design and Development of Double Wishbone Suspension System of Atv Vehicle

Prof. H.R. Mahale, Mr. Piyush Dhanraj Patil, Mr. Kiran Sukdev Shinde, Mr. Ganesh Sanjay Bhandarkar


Suspension system is very essential system in the vehicle. It is responsible for the safety of vehicle during its Manoeuvre, providing stability to the vehicle and comfortable ride quality to the occupant. Recent trends in suspension system have focused mainly on improving comfort and handling of vehicle keeping the cost and space feasibility as a manufacturing constraint. This present work deals with design and development of double wishbone suspension system for an An all-terrain vehicle with minimizing sprung and unsprang mass, reducing amplitude of vibration considering the dynamics of vehicle. This will maintain the ride quality, ride stability and flexibility on off-road racetrack providing comfort to an occupant while riding as an objective

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