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Review on Horizontal and Vertical Axis with Two and Three Blade Micro Wind Turbine

Rahish Kumar Saha, Amit shirivastava


In the current financial state of the politically influential nation creation and its strategy for creation has gotten the focal point of all concerned society and examination industry. Delivering power without contamination has become the need of the present force and exploration industry. Wind turbine has an edge over all the force delivering techniques yet it has a disservice of not being operational at low wind speed. In my examination work a 60 cm cutting edge miniature breeze turbine has been created and tried for its better utility for homegrown force creation and for lighting reason in distant territory with low wind speed zones. A NACA – 5516 air foil area was decided for the advancement of the rotor cutting edge of the breeze turbine. Two arrangement of rotor turbine was created one with two cutting edge and another with three sharp edge and tried for the different exhibition angles for example T S R, cut in speed, productivity, electrical effectiveness and appraised ability to choose a superior rotor for homegrown breeze turbine.

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