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Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Selected Reproductive Health Problems

Balveer Singh Solanki


Background - India has the second largest population of adolescents in the world, world being home to 243 million individuals aged 10-19 yrs. It constitutes about 1.2 billion, a fifth of the world’s population, and 22.8% of population of India. Hence adolescents form a large section of the population. This period needs special attention because of turmoil of adolescence faces due to different stages of development, different circumstances, different needs and diverse problems. Method- This study made use of an evaluative approach with a pre experimental, one group pre-test post-test design. Result- The pretest knowledge level of majority of respondents (76.66%) regarding prevention of selected reproductive health problems was inadequate score and respondents (23.33%) having moderate score. The post test knowledge score of majority of respondents (81.66%) regarding prevention of reproductive health problems was adequate and respondents (18.33%) having moderate score. The mean post-test knowledge score 27.33 (80.38 %) was higher than mean percentage of pre-test knowledge score 9.36 (36.35 %). The calculated ‘t’ value 23.13 is greater than P < 0.05 showed that there was significant difference between the pre-test and post-test mean percentage of knowledge score is 44.03 %. Hence hypothesis H1 was accepted. This indicates that information booklet was effective in increasing the knowledge.

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