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A Review on Material Management: Valuable Approach in Construction Industry

Mamata Bharatkumar Rajgor, Dr. Jayeshkumar Pitroda


The construction industry is the succeeding biggest industry after agriculture in India. It occupies about 15% of India as Gross domestic product. It imparts healthy contribution to the national economy growth and recruits large number of people. Materials management is one of the vital activities in the business environment. This industry involves residential and commercial construction; infrastructure development and industrial construction. The Perfect construction materials can lend your project strength and versatility. When it comes to construction phase especially in commercial and industrial construction, materials are key factor for layout and design. This paper ensures that importance of material management in construction industry. It also describes functions that leading towards successful completion of project. For proper development of Mega structure requires proper material management which is dealing with planning, procurement, designing, availability and budget of different construction materials.

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