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Analysis of Composite Beam by Finite Element Method

Khan Shifa Khanam, Prof. R. D. Pandit, Dr. A. P. Wadekar


An analysis of the Composite beam placing emphasis on shear deformation effects is done by using beam theories and software ANSYS workbench. Results using two dimensional plate theories are presented to calculate stresses in the beams. Two dimensional plate theories are Classical laminated plate theory, first order Shear deformation theory, third order Shear deformation theory and Euler-Bernoulli theory. Unit axial load over the junction of two layers is placed and analyzed. For manual analysis transverse shear stresses are obtained directly from the use of constitutive relations with good accuracy. Principle of virtual work is used for obtaining boundary conditions and governing differential equations. A hollow circular composite beam is analyzed for two different aspect ratios. The concept that is used in this paper is that Graphite epoxy layer or laminate is sandwiched between two Steel layers or laminates, and all the properties of both the materials are taken into consideration wherever applicable.

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