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A review on Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Sohail Siddiqui, Dr. R. M Sawant


In today’s modern world requirement of durability in the structure is the most important aspect, as every structure is designed as per the requirement, which is different for everyone. For this purpose fibers play an important role, as for each purpose adding different quantities and different fibers in concrete will give the specific grade or type of concrete required, which enhances the different properties of concrete, such as durability, their properties and serviceability. The Fiber Reinforced concrete has an improved resistance to crack propagation and also cracking. Fiber reinforced concrete is made up of fibrous material and contains short fibers which are added in concrete uniformly. There are different kinds of fibers that give different properties to concrete such as synthetic fibers, glass fibers, steel fibers and natural fibers, every individual of it induces different properties in concrete due to different geometries, densities, etc. The fibers when mixed in concrete uniformly increases properties of concrete enormously, and this concrete is greatly different than normal concrete. The basalt fiber is new to the world of civil engineering as a polymer and composites. There are large similarities in chemical properties between basalt fiber and glass fiber, but basalt is better in strength as compared to glass fiber.

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