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Evaluation for Fatigue Data of UTWT Pavement using Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Mr Sagar P. Gawande, Mr Feroz H. Khan


This study aimed to Fatigue Data analyses of Ultra-Thin White Topping (UTWT) pavement under the various loading condition of vehicles. Ultra-Thin White Topping is a concrete overlay on deteriorated bituminous and hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement. This concrete overlay constructed by using concrete having high grade. Plain cement concrete having less flexural strength than reinforced concrete. The fiber reinforced concrete is used for construction of UTWT pavements at various sites around the world. The pavement constructed using FRC are gives better results than the plain concrete. This paper mainly highlights the evaluation of pavement using polypropylene fibers. The fibers added in concrete to improve the flexural strength of pavement. UTWT pavements thickness varies from 50-100 mm. For speedy construction work fiber, reinforced concrete generally used. This paper highlights the evaluation of road 2 km long, situated at MIDC Area, Amravati, INDIA. This pavement analyses using the guidelines given by Indian Roads Congress.

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