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Effect of Metakaolin on Performance of M40 Grade Concrete in Marine Environment

A. K. Mouleeshwaran, G. Pavithra, N. Savitha


Nowadays maintaining durable concrete structures in a salt water environment is found to be difficult. Deterioration of structures is due to gradual penetration of salts and the subsequent formation of expansive and leachable compounds which ultimately corrodes the reinforcement and makes the structures fatigue. It is found that the setting time, compressive strength depends on the reaction between cement and water which eventually results in softening of concrete. This paper describes the effect of metakaolin on compressive strength, splitting tensile test, modulus of elasticity and pH of concrete when salt water is used for curing. Concrete specimens were cast for M40 grade of concrete for potable water and salt water curing. Till 28 days concrete specimens were cured under salt water and potable water. The test results showed better performance in compressive strength when replacement of cement by metakaolin and cured with salt water is made. But the splitting strength test values showed a slight decrease when cured with salt water. Optimisation in percentage replacement of cement by metakaolin was made.

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