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Effects of Fly Ash and Lime in Stabilizing Expansive Soil

Tarun Kumar Lohani, Supriya Mishra, Subasis Pati, Kamal Kishore Agrawal


An experimental program was undertaken to study the individual and admixed effects of lime and fly ash on the geotechnical characteristics of expansive soil. This paper represents a study of the lime and fly ash as the admixtures or stabilizers in improving some engineering Properties of expansive soil. Various percentages of fly ash and lime were used and different geotechnical properties were studied citing comparisons wherever necessary. Lime was added at a proportion from 0%-4% and fly ash from 0%-40%. The results show that the unconfined compressive strength to be mzaximum (0.124N/mm2) at 20% flyash, 80% clay mix and then decreases with further addition of fly ash. The optimum fly ash content for improving the shear strength of the treated soils under the presented conditions is 20%. Similarly, the results under unsoaked conditions show higher CBR values ranging between 5.1% and 9.20%.

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