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Concrete with Alternative Aggregates

Apeksha Kanojia, S. K. Jain


Concrete is the single most important requirement for any infrastructural development. It is the most used man made material in the world accounting for more than all the other building materials put together. The Portland cement and concrete aggregate is a major consumer of natural resources. Rate of development of infrastructure at fast track is causing rapid depletion of natural resources like rock, minerals etc. Besides, the production of ingredients used in concrete such as aggregates, and cement require a significant amount of energy input and causes various environmental problems, for example emission of greenhouse gases. In order to minimize these drawbacks, trend is to shift to green concrete. One of the major issues associated with “green” concrete to decide what can be alternative/waste for replacing conventional aggregate and how the alternative/waste material affects concrete properties compared with the conventional Portland cement concrete. The aim of this paper is to review the works done on use of different types of waste to produce concrete.

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