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Effectiveness of using Coarse recycled Concrete aggregate in New Concrete

Saji Kunjumon


Like plastic, waste arising from construction and demolition constitutes one of the largest waste streams within most of the developed and developing countries. Now a days there is limitation in the life span of important buildings and structures whose demolition after the prescribed life span results in a huge quantity of concrete waste. Of this a large proportion is potentially disposed of as land fill. The environmental and economic implication of this is no longer considered sustainable and as a result, the construction industry is experiencing more pressure than even before to overcome this practice. On the other hand, in recent years the wisdom of continued wholesale extraction and use of aggregates from natural sources has been questioned at an international level.  This is mainly because of the depletion of quality primary aggregates and greater awareness of environmental protection. Hence the present day scenario appeals for a better solution of this problem. The recycling or reuse of dismantled concrete can bring about an alternative solution to this up to some good extent

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