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Influence of Elevated Temperature on Compressive Strength and Split tensile Strength of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Prashant Shinkar, Prof. D.N. Kakade, Dr. A.P. Wadekar


Now a day concrete are being used widely in the construction that might be exposed to elevated temperatures. The performance of concrete structures at elevated temperatures is significant importance in predicting the safety of structures in response to certain accidents or particular service conditions. This paper deals with the mechanical properties of concrete with steel fibers subjected to temperatures up to 500°C. The specimens were kept in oven for 1 hour. Different materials were used in the concrete  mixes of M 50 have been designed along with crimped steel fibers from 0.5 - 4% by weight of ordinary Portland cement and river sand was used. Specimens were made and subjected to room temperature, 100, 200,300,400 and 500 °C. In this study the relation between compressive and split tensile strength value is presented. Regression analysis is used to obtain this type of relation. This exploration developed some significant data on the properties of concrete exposed to elevated temperatures up to 500°C.


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