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Remedial Measures on Disposal of Waste Plastic in Ecofriendly Way – Application in Construction of Flexible Pavement (Case Study – Vita City)

Prof. P. R. Thorat, Prof. N. P Thorat, Mr. M. S. Rokade, Mr. B. B. Deshmukh


Disposal of plastic waste is a major problem globally because plastic is non biodegradable material. Normally, plastic is disposed by incineration and land filling but those methods are harmful for human health and environment also effective in various ways like difficulties in decomposition, choking of waste into sewers, pipelines, etc. The best way of disposal of plastic is utilization in flexible pavement. Shredded waste plastic having a size 2 mm-3 mm. Shredded waste plastic is mixed with bitumen by wet mix process and dry mix process. A property of bitumen and aggregate is improved after mixing of 7% of waste plastic by dry process and 6.5% of waste plastic by wet process. Use of waste plastic in flexible pavement increase the strength of flexible pavement in an eco-friendly way.

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