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The Structural Behavior of RC Slab Retrofitted Using Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Polymers (PPFRP), With and Without Mechanical Anchorage

Shubhalakshmi. B.S, H.N. Jagannatha Reddy


Strengthening of the RC members is much in need due to various reasons, such as increased load than the designed, corrosion etc. The two-way RC slabs are elements subjected to flexure with irrelevant shear effect, which are more prone to flexural failure. The incorporation of composites in RC slabs is selected to increase the strength of the slabs. The main advantage of using the FRP in strengthening of slabs is to increase the flexural strength and serviceability of the slabs. In the present work, the flexural behaviour of RC slabs is studied by strengthening the slabs with and without the mechanical anchorages. Polypropylene fibres are used to strengthen the slabs by fabric wrapping technique. To anchorage the slabs, the anchor bolts and steel plates are used. It is observed that using the wrapping techniques the flexural strength of the slabs increased compared to the slabs without wrapping. It was observed there was no much increase in the flexural strength of the slabs strengthened with PPFRP fabrics with mechanical anchorage when compared to the slabs without the mechanical anchorage.

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