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Role of Privatisation in Road Development

Chirag Bhasin, Dr. R. R. Singh


It is worldwide accepted that the transportation sector is crucial for steady and continuous growth and modernization. Adequacy of this transport infrastructure is a very crucial determinant of the success of a nation’s effort in diversifying its overall growth which includes several factors such as production, trade expansion and linking resources along with the markets into a composed economy. It is also required to connect small villages with towns, cities, market complexes alongside bringing together remote and developing regions closer to each other. The provision of underbuilding transport facilities and services also helps to diminish the difference between lifestyles of various societies thereby helps in reducing poverty. It is universally accepted that various measures aimed at reducing poverty cannot be successful without proper transport infrastructure and services. It is difficult to visualize meeting the targets of universal education and healthcare for all without first providing adequate transport facilities. So, in general our paper is focussed on the detailed role of the Privatisation of road development.

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