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Review on Zipper Braced Frames

Ms Mona Dilipkumar Kudwe, Prof. Rahul. D. Pandit, Dr. A. P. Wadekar


Now-a-days the structures are prominently build for the earthquake resistance so that it can resist the building strongly. The tectonic plate which are resembles for earthquake are more rapidly moving. Roughly now it is 15cm/year. To overcome the problem which arises from earthquake, the typical method of bracing is applied to withstand all forces and load. One of the bracing is zipper bracing frame, which increases the stiffness, strength and stability of the structure. This paper reviews the influence of zipper bracing system with other braces. The history of bracing system is visited, various braces are studied, their strength, mechanism, failure pattern, loading mechanism, overall stability were dissected. Proper and efficient structural bracing leads to the sustainable structures and economical buildings, which has high initial costs but low maintenance cost throughout future.

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