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Occupational Safety and Health Systems in Construction Sites in Khartoum State

Adil A. M. Elhassan, Suha S. Omer, Suha S. Omer


This research investigates occupational safety, health systems and administration in construction sites in Khartoum state by identifying and studying the basic elements of this subject, which includes the legal framework, knowledge, training, senior management commitment, resources and equipment related to the occupational safety and health administration. This research discusses the current situation of engineering projects that were selected as case studies in the state of Khartoum. A closed-ended questionnaire was designed and distributed to the working frameworks in these projects. The results of the case studies and questionnaire revealed lack of awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health in the workplace, and the weak commitment of the administration to develop safety programs and follow up their implementation. There is also no separate law on occupational safety and health, which reduces the seriousness of dealing with occupational safety and health in construction sites. The study recommends enacting a law and standard specifications for occupational safety and health at construction sites in Khartoum state.

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