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Utilization of Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate in development of Light weight Concrete

Sonali H. Vibhandik, Prof. Saurabh S. Naik, Prof. Durgesh G. Pardeshi


The high preference for concrete in the construction using normal weight aggregates reduces the natural stone deposits and damaged the environment. In developed countries, the construction industries find out solution i.e. artificial and natural lightweight aggregates (LWA) that have replaced conventional aggregates. However, in Asia the construction industry is yet to utilize the advantage of light weight concrete (LWC) in the construction of high rise structures. The utility and efficacy of CS as a coarse aggregate as an alternative to natural aggregate in concrete. CS has not been commonly tried as aggregate in structural concrete. The properties of CS have to be known before it can be used as a coarse aggregate in concrete. This research focuses on properties of CS first, and then as a structural material. Coconut shell can be grouped under lightweight aggregate. There is no need to treat the coconut shell before use as an aggregate except for water absorption. Coconut shell is compatible with the cement.

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