An Automated River Health Monitoring System: Algorithm Simulation and Basic Hardware Prototype Design

Aravindaguru I, Ramkumar R, Sanjoy Deb


The industrial pollution, agricultural pollution and domestic pollution have brought life of people living on River bank under serious threat. Under such context design, development and implementation of low cost automated real-time River Health Monitoring (RHM) system will be immensely useful. Considering such urgent need, present research has successfully designed a RHM system in terms of algorithm and basic hardware prototype. The system operational algorithm has been developed and test-simulated with MATLAB Simulink model. Following that a basic hardware prototype has been designed and tested in laboratory environment. In present RHM system simulation model, water quality parameters, e.g., oxygen, pH, turbidity, temperature are considered inputs from sensors whereas for development cost minimization and simplicity related issue, only temperature sensor has been included in its hardware prototype. The outcomes from the present research has documented with appropriate explanation which will be proven valuable for further research initiatives in this domain. 

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