Design of Different Control Strategies for a Boiler Drum System using LabVIEW

Jay Prakash, Shree Kumar Mishra, Chandra Mohan Kisku, Priya ., Rakesh Kumar Mishra


The boiler drum water level control is one of the most important controls used in chemical process industries. The perfect control of the boiler drum water level is the most important function of the boiler. If the water level remains in low level, due to overheating the boiler may get damaged, and also, if the water level remains in high level, due to overflow of water the function of separator will be improper. Therefore, it is required to maintain an optimum interface level between steam and water within the boiler drum system. This paper provides the comparative performance analysis of different control strategies such as feedback ,feed forward, feedback-feed forward ,cascade, Internal Model Control(IMC). Using IMC control strategy for boiler drum system we have got a good set point tracking and more disturbance rejection when compared to normal control strategies. The designed model of boiler drum level has been simulated in LabVIEW environment.

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