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A Survey on Active Flood Monitoring Systems

A C Srikanth, Arjun Raju P, Ashwin Madarkal, H P Rohit, Rajeswari P


Floods are normal catastrophic events that reason extreme pulverization of a territory. They are regularly brought about by precipitation and overflow of waterways, especially amid times of exorbitantly high precipitation. Environmental change has assumed a critical job in causing expansive scale floods crosswise over focal India, including the Mumbai surges of 2006 and 2017. The rising number of outrageous downpours is credited to an expansion in the changes of the storm westerly breezes, because of expanded warming in the Arabian Sea. This outcomes in periodic floods of dampness transport from the Arabian Sea to the subcontinent, bringing about substantial downpours going on for 2–3 days, and spread over a locale sufficiently extensive to cause floods. This study does a survey of various active flood monitoring systems that have been implemented till date.

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