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Embedded System for Automatic Vehicle Speed Control and Data Analysis Using Python Software

R Senthilkumar, T. Dhanu Prakash, A. Kannan, S. Selvaprasath, P.T. Karthikrajan


The proposed work is focused on automatic speed control of vehicles by detecting the accident prone zone. In this work we are using RF for indicating the speed limit areas. The RF receiver is placed inside the vehicle. The speed is calculated by the help of vehicle speedometer in the vehicle. The controller compares the speed with standard speed limit, if it exceeds the limit the controller alerts the driver and control is taken automatically. These data are given by the controller to the people through GSM module, and the data are analysed using python software. The waveform corresponding to the data received is plotted between speed and time. The designed experimental module is simpler and since the software used for data analysing is free open source Python, the overall system is cost effective.

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