Application of Augmented Reality in setting up furniture

Pooja Chawla, Urmila Mali, Sheetal Chougule, Yashraj Kembalkar, Deepika Patil


Technological developments taking place today are tremendously affecting the way humans are living life. Augmented reality is one of them. Augmented reality, in simple words, is noth-ing but projecting the desired data or objects in our real life. This field of computer research that is dealing with the computer related data can be applied in interior designing. We often observe that customers found in furniture showrooms are found in confusion that if the piece of furniture that they are willing to buy is going to match their wall scheme and fit their va-cant area. So here is where we can apply concept of augmented reality effectively. The end users can try out the piece of furniture virtually in their rooms and accordingly decide if it really suits their vacant area and whether they want to buy it. The main purpose of this pro-ject is to come up with an application that will allow users to try different furniture items in virtual way thus eliminating human efforts by physically visiting furniture store that con-sumes a lot of time.

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