Cloud Security Using AES Algorithm

Akash V. Zawar, Komal Yadav, Swapnali Deshkar, Chaia Mahale, Amol Gaikwad


This paper proposes an overview of an android application which uses cloud service and provides a network to user for securing data over cloud by storing it in encrypted format. This data could only be retrieved with the help of key which is provided by the application to the user. The main aspect of cloud computing is how one can Secure, Protect and Process the data Cloud computing is a technology that is recently developed for complex systems with large-scale services sharing among multiple users. Therefore, authentication and integration of both users and services is a significant issue for the trust and security of the cloud computing unique platform has brought new security issues to contemplate. Cloud computing is essentially the management and provision of applications, information and data as a service. Using key based Cryptography technique we propose and implement a new algorithmic approach for cloud security in this paper. The efficiency of the algorithm can be improved by integrating multiple cryptography algorithms. To ensure the data security, we proposed a method by implementing AES algorithm.

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