Survey On Smart Energy Management System For ATM Using IOT

Haripriya H, Jaideep Joshua E, Geetha A


The shortage of resources in the present world is motivating many towards energy efficient technologies. Most notably, there is an increasing demand for electricity, hence it needs to be used optimally. To sustain the living of human beings electricity is the most important inventions. So, proper utilization of this resource is of immense importance to us. Though many technological innovations are taking place in this world, existing electricity consumption is soaring great heights. Also with the advent of digital banking in India the number of ATMs is increasing rapidly. In this paper we present a newly designed smart energy management meter for ATMs based on cheap distributed components like microcontroller architecture and sensors working on the concept of Internet of Things. This system aims at monitoring the energy consumption within ATMs using web application and mobile application and reduces the operational cost. It also monitors power tampering at ATMs by sending an alert message to the owner upon crossing the threshold.

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