Survey on Ticket Collecting System Using QR Code and Mobile Application

Naveen Kumar G, Pavithra S, Pallavi J, Kalpana P, Hari Kumar P


The need for a real-time public transport information system is growing steadily. People want to plan their city commutes and do not like waiting for long hours, or take up a rush bus. The proposed solution in this project computes scanning of the QR code and paying through E-Wallet. This information along with the passenger’s id, starting and destination point of the bus, timings will be stored in the database for analysis purposes for releasing buses in certain areas at peak hours. Based on the sensor placed at the steps on the bus, number of passengers entering and exiting can be noted and the total amount for gained can be calculated. The passenger details will be updated every one and then when the conductor side application is switched on. Thus we can improve the usability of the bus and also earn much more profit if technology is adapted with the public transport. This will give a pleasant and comfortable journey to the commuters.

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